About Oxygen

What exactly is Oxygen?

Oxygen is a financial service that enables fair payments to contractors and gives them easy access to affordable painless loans.

How do I join Oxygen?

Oxygen has partnered with many amazing employers across the United States. If you want access to Oxygen Card send us a note to card@getoxygen.com and we will arrange with your employer to get you access. If you want access to loans, download the Oxygen app, connect your bank account or paycard and with one click get access to the loan you want.

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use Oxygen?

If your employer offered you the Oxygen Card, you are all set, nothing more. If you are not using the Oxygen card for your pay then you would need to connect your bank account to get access to Oxygen Loans.

Will Oxygen work on my mobile device?

Yes, if you have an iPhone or an Android phone you’re all set. Oxygen, from day 1, has been built with reach in mind. If you are having any problems installing Oxygen App, please drop us a note at support@getoxygen.com.

Is it available in my state? my country?

Oxygen  will be covering all 50 states. Now, Oxygen is launching as a US only service, Europe and Asia will follow.

Setting Up Your Account

What are the fees involved?

Typical paycards charge between $70 to $195 per year to just get access to your pay. Oxygen is a Zero-fees card. However, for $6.99/month you can subscribe to our Immediate Pay service giving you access to your pay instantly. Every day is payday!

Does it cost me anything to receive money?

No, your employer’s deposits, as well as loan disbursement, is free.

Managing Your Account

How secure is Oxygen?

Built from the ground up on bank-level security and compliance. Oxygen is 100% fully secure, over the web and through the mobile app.

How do I cancel my account?

We would hate to have you go. However, we totally respect your decision. Please send us a note to support@getoxygen.com and we will help you out in settling your account and closing it in less than 10 mins.

Can I have more than one card?

For simplicity, we are limiting our dear customers to just one card per account. If you do have a case and you think you need more than one card please reach out to support@getoxygen.com and we will take care of it.