Rethinking banking for the 1099 nation

Banking and lending are not designed for today’s 1099-economy. Oxygen is specifically built for the gig-economy. From payouts to lending to saving; both employers and contractors win.

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Get Paid Instantly

Immediate 1-Click to disburse credit funds. Also, no lines to cash large checks.
Zero Fees

Use your Oxygen card at more than 50,000 ATM locations.
Rainy days, no worries

Activate OxygenPremier and get flat-fee access to credit. Zero interest.
All Digital. All Mobile

No paperwork ever! No branch visits needed! Get it all done from your phone.

One card rules.
Instant access to your money.

Direct deposit, work payout, or drawing money from your line of credit? All funds are instantly available on your Oxygen card. Zero wait time.

Imagine Your Life
Simplified With Oxygen

There’s no need to complicate something that should be simple. Oxygen tracks your bills, project your income and offer instant loans when needed.

1099 Employer? Get your team onboard

Your success is directly related to your contractors’ wellbeing. With no effort, and in three days we can get your staff onboard, give them access to instant payment and instant loans.

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